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Kilt Information

The Versatility of the Kilt makes it one of the most popular and oldest traditional garments still worn today. It can be worn informally with a t-shirt, polo shirt or Jacobean shirt, which laces up the front, to as formal as with a dress shirt or tuxedo shirt. It can be worn hiking or to a formal dinner!

Traditional kilts are made with only Scottish worsted wool, as they possess the only looms to weave the proper kilting fabric that will hold a pleat. Although there are many other lovely plaids woven, nothing holds up to a Scottish loomed wool!

The Military Box Pleated Kilt requires the same yardage as the regular kilt but is pleated to the stripe and in accordance with the standards of the Scottish regiment style tailoring.

Ladies Kilted Skirts are becoming more popular and yes kilts can be worn by women! There are several types of kilted skirts. Some have more yardage to give the appearance of a deep pleat and they can vary from any length from mini skirt to hostess, or floor length. A lady can also wear a full 8 yard kilt, remember there have been lady pipers for generations, although being a piper is not a requirement to wear a full kilt.

Children's Kilts are made much the same way as adults kilts with a lot less yardage. A kilt can be made with room to grow in including a hem. A child's kilt usually gives about 4 years of wear.

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11 oz. Light Weight: Usually used for ladies sashes and kilted skirts, occasionally used when a man's tartan cannot be found in the other weights.

13 oz. Medium Weight: The most commonly made weight of kilt in the United States.

16 oz. Heavy Weight: Durable kilting weight for men's kilts.

16 oz. Strome Weight: High quality weave from the Strome Woollen Mill in Scotland.

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