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Scottish Qualifications Authority

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The Order of the Gael

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The Society of Scottish Armigers

Keith Kilt School Kiltmakers


For Keith Kilt School Graduates in Scotland contact Kathy Lare.

Full Kiltmaking Course is not offered at this time. Rob McBain no longer teaching course.

Keith Kilt School Articles

Tartan Masterpieces

Smithsonian Article

Tartan Scholars/Tartan Design

Dr. Phil D. Smith Jr. PhD,FSTS,GTS, FSA Scot (Tartan Scholar and Designer, Former TECA and Tartan Authority USA President, Author of "Tartan For Me") Contact by Email:

Kathy Lare Kiltmaker

P.O. Box 50215

Albuquerque, New Mexico

USA 87181-0215

(505) 821-6215


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