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Kilts & Accessories Price List

2023 Prices

Men's Hand Sewn Kilts 8 Yard

11 oz. Light Weight $475.00

13 oz. Medium Weight $535.00

16 oz. Heavy Weight $565.00

Special Order tartans  weaves for one kilt please inquire

Military Box Pleated Kilts add $100.00

Machined 4 yard Casual Kilts $275.00 to $295.00

Handsewn Casual Kilts $375.00 to $425.00

Ladies' Kilts, Dancer's Kilts please inquire

Locharron/Strathmore Machined Ladie's Skirts up to 27"

11 oz. Light Weight $169.00

13 oz. Medium Weight $199.00

16 oz. Strome Heavy Weight $249.00

Hostess Skirts over 27" Starting @ $235.00 

Children's Kilts

Machined Kilts Starting @ $75.00

Hand Sewn Kilts Priced Upon Request

Tartan Yardage

11 oz. 56" wide $58.00 per yard

13 oz. 28" / 56" wide Contact for pricing

16 oz. regular/Strome Contact for pricing

Special Weaves Contact for pricing

Rental Kilts For Sale Discounted Prices and Tartans

Contact me for kilt rental availability

Kilt outfit includes Prince Charlie Coatee & Vest, Bow Tie, Sporran, Chain, Kilt hose, Garter flashes. $120.00

Customer provides tux shirt and shoes

Men's Plaids

1 yard Straight Fringe

Single/Double Width

11 oz. to 16 oz. $75.00-$85.00

Purled Fringed Plaids

Drummer's Plaids

Piper's Plaids - Contact for Pricing

available in Lochcarron tartans

Kilts are made from Superior Tartan Fabric  with a proper selvedge edge woven in Scotland.

Ladie's Apparel

Ladie's 11"x 90" Sash 11 oz. $50.00

11 x 45" Sash $35.00

Men's Apparel

Kilt Jackets

Contact for styles/prices on Barathea/Tweed jackets


Contact for styles/prices on Vests

3-5 Button Prince Charlie

Tartan Vests

Contact for styles/prices


Contact for styles/prices

Gillie Laces with Tassels $8.00

Kilt Hose

Pentland Hose Wool blend:

Navy, Dark Green, Black,

Lovat Blue, Lovat Green,

Charcoal ribbed S/M/L $22.00

White Acrylic/Nylon

S/M/L/XL $16.00


Kilt Flashes sliding garters

 Wool Ribbon Variety of Colors $18.50

Tartan Flashes

(made from scraps) $22.00

Ordered Tartan Flashes $28.00

Ties & Cummerbunds

Tartan Ties & Plain colors $23.00

Military Ties $23.00

Tartan Bow Ties, adjustable $21.00

Cummermunds $55.00


Balmorals Plain- Navy, Black $63.00

Red Diced - Navy, Black $73.00

Glengarries Plain - Navy,Black $73.00 Red Diced - Navy, Bl

Kathy Lare Kiltmaker

Witchita Falls, Texas

contacts: (505) 821-6215

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